We are a group of friends building a campus that helps us create and live near friends in San Francisco.

We started this project under the belief that living near other driven friends will foster an environment that encourages us to ambitiously pursue our curiosities. In the past six months, it’s been amazing to see it start to take place. Solaris has become home to explorers, founders, researchers, and writers that care deeply about making a positive impact on the world. We’ve also seen new projects take off, six apartments form, and many paths positively affected.

A new chapter is beginning as more friends move near us to start new houses. As a result, we are transforming into a campus, whereby the best aspects of a traditional university, such as living near friends, shared curiosities, and a constant stream of activities, are prevalent but tailored to the technologically interested.

Our next step is to open up our primary house, Sol, as a community center for events such as whiteboarding, build nights, researchathons, hackathons, and other gatherings that promote creative exploration. Get involved below to host, live on our campus, attend events, and stay updated on all things Solaris.